The Impact And Exit Event

Rewriting History

The Impact and Exit Event : Synopsis

The Impact And Exit Event is a truly unique piece of work. 

It's author has never written a book, yet The Impact And Exit Event contains an extremely controversial  hypothesis which combines (and provides solutions to) several of the most long-standing mysteries of our time.

By linking together a series of apparently unconnected puzzles across several areas of Science, The Impact And Exit Event delivers extraordinarily simple solutions to what were previously challenging issues for astronomers, archeaologists and geologists.

Although the title actually refers to the final sections of the book, the concept of an impact and exit event was the catalyst for what was to become the rest of the book. Little did he realise it at the time, but when the author discovered that an impact and exit event had occurred here on Earth he immediately found that he was being led on a journey of discovery across the entire Solar System.

The author readily admits he has only a basic knowledge of the subject matter yet his findings are absolutely astounding - so astounding in fact that many who read the book may not be able to fully comprehend (or indeed accept) the importance of what has been presented to them a novice.

The book confidently states that the Solar System originally consisted of just four planets and then sets out in detail how the Solar System developed into the strange arrangement of gas clouds, asteroids, satellites and planets we are familiar with today.  

"Once I  had studied the images and took the time to explore the information you had written it all made perfect sense.."

For the first time in a long time this is a hypothesis which confronts and realigns much of tody's understanding of how today's Solar System developed, and in particular how the geology of Earth was formed. The reader is taken along a timeline of stellar and terrestrial cataclysmic events which, unbelievably culminate with the creation of Earth's Moon.Written in the simplest terms, the easy-to-understand content deliberately avoids the use of scientific terminology whilst providing a large amount of visually stimulating content.

Curiously, The Impact And Exit Event suggests a path to unity between the highly confrontational Uniformitarianism and Catastrophism arguments and addresses Plate Tectonics by taking that concept a step further.

Sensationally, the author also reveals the powerful mechanism that initiated a key component of the Plate Tectonics theory; the repositioning of entire continents across the world and describes the way in which the simultaneous and rapid formation of each of Earth's oceans occurred.

Finally, the author insists that the presentation of The Impact And Exit Event is not the end of the story but the beginning and anticipates that because of the nature of its content the book will, over time become the foundation of an entirely new field of Science.

He also freely admits that what he has written merely represents a framework for the future, believing that a new generation of 'fresh-thinking' Scientists will emerge and that subsequent research undertaken by them will produce a complementary, cohesive and detailed account of what really happened to the Solar System  (and our home planet) in the past.

To view just one of many pieces of evidence that are clearly visible across the globe please click here - you'll need to be prepared for what you are about to discover! There is much more to see inside The Impact And Exit Event hypothesis.