The Impact And Exit Event

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What you will find inside the pages of The Impact And Exit Event:


  • Dedication

  • Contents

  • Preface

  • Acknowledgements

  • Introduction


Section 1: Overview

  • Catastrophism Over Uniformitarianism?

  • The Biggest Clue Ever


Section 2: The Cataclysmic Creation Of The Solar System

  • Mars Gives Up Its Secrets ...At Last

  • The Importance Of The Hellas Region of Mars

  • Mars Is Rolled Over

  • The Asteroid Belt And Other Space-Bound Oddities 

  • The Gas Giants

  • Planetary Ring Systems And Other Unusual Objects Visible Across The Solar System

  • Uranus

  • Neptune

  • The Moons And Satellites Of The Solar System

  • The Trojans And The Hildas

  • The Kuiper Belt: An Anomaly Or A Natural Consequence Of The Collision?

  • The Oort Cloud


Section 3: Earth - The Impact Event

  • Earth

  • Mega Impact

  • The Impact and Exit Event

  • Did The Oceans Rescue Planet Earth From Oblivion?

  • The Dramatic Impact Of The First Ejecta Columns

  • The Fractures And Magma Columns Of The Impact Event


Section 4: Earth - The Exit Event

  • What Happened After Impact?

  • The Process Of Finding The Site Of The Exit Event

  • The Site Of The Exit Event

  • The Exit Event

  • The Geology Of The Area Surrounding The Exit Site

  • Tell Tale Signs From The Exit Event

  • Visual Evidence Of Additional Exit Event Debris Dispersed Over Vast Areas Of The Earth

  • The Global Nature Of The Exit Event Becomes Clear


Section 5: Post Impact And Exit Event

  • Coastal Geography Providing Supporting Evidence

  • The After Effects Of The Impact And Exit Event

  • Seismic Activity Across The World

  • Evidence Supporting The Huge, Sudden Displacement Of Water Either Side Of The Atlantic Ocean 

  • Australia And Antarctica

  • Matching The Impact And Exit Event Fissures With 'Tectonic Plates'


Section 6: The Moon

  • Earth's Moon

  • The Angle Of The Impact And Exit Event And Its Relationship With The Orbit Of The Moon

  • The Origin Of The Anomaly Between The Orbit Of The Moon And Its Odd Alignment Relative To Earth And The Plane Of The Ecliptic

  • The Appearance Of The Moon


Section 7: Supplementary Evidence

  • Magnetism On The Ocean Floor And Alternating Magnetic Poles

  • The Tale Of The Rock


Section 8: Summary


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